fall 2017 usa tour dates with black pistol fire announced! tickets go on sale this friday august 25, 2017! See ya'll out there america!


Proud and #stoked to open for the legendary dwight yoakam in lewiston, ny and webster, ma!




Hey Austin! See you at Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL) on SATURDAY OCT. 14th!

BLACKFOOT GYPSIES will be opening for The Darkness across the UK (and parts of EU) NOVEMBER & December OF 2017!

blackfoot gypsies unveil latest album cover for "to the top" to be released april 2017 on
plowboy records

To The Top!




The Blackfoot Gypsies are proud to announce that we have signed on with Teenage Head Music to book/promote our summer 2016 European Tour!!

We will be hitting the road in May/June 2016 all over Eurpoe and are now accepting offers. 

Any booking inquiries should contact Manny Montana at Teenage Head MusIc.

Teenage Head Music

Belgium office : Hortensialaan 3 - 8500 Kortrijk - Belgium
+32 56 320 323 manny@teenageheadmusic.com
Swiss office : Carmen Fiechter - Talweg 10 - 3013 Bern - Switzerland
+41 797 995 528 carmen@teenageheadmusic.com
For all press matters press@teenageheadmusic.com


Blackfoot Gypsies Debut New Music Video for "Pork Rind" Ahead of Saturday Gig @ Mercy Lounge 

From Jacob Ryan (No Country for New Nashville)

Southern, blues rock ’n’ rollers, and No Country Presents alum (see this post),Blackfoot Gypsies have a new record, Handle It, that hit the streets April 14th, and now the fellas have blessed us with the premiere for their video game inspired new music video for the track “Pork Rind.”  The video features BFG frontman Matthew Paige fighting his way through peril from East Nashville to Bordeaux with his only apparent mission to eat as much pizza and drink as much beer as possible.  We here at No Country commend this lofty mission.

Even more badass, they are part of a phenomenal bill this Saturday at Mercy Lounge, also featuring blog endorsed artist CHALAXY, Matt Owen and The Eclectic Tuba, and Levi Ray (check out our TWiN coverage for more information on the bands). If you love pizza and you love rock ’n’ roll, which basically includes everyone, then you will love this video.  Enjoy the video for “Pork Rind” below, and grab your tickets for Saturday night right here!

Blackfoot Gypsies Drop "Handle It" Today - Album Release Show 4/17/15 @ The Basement

From Jacob Ryan (No Country for New Nashville)

By now, you may have heard that No Country Presents alumnus (see this post), and resident blues rock ’n’ rollers,Blackfoot Gypsies, have a new record coming out. We are pleased to remind you it has officially hit the streets TODAY, so pick up your copy of Handle It digitally right here. While we have your attention, take a minute to read on after jump to get the scoop straight from the founding gypsies’ (Matthew Paige and Zack Murphy) mouths. We talked with them about the new LP, signing with Plowboy Records, and tearing shit up at SXSW. So get to know some of our favorite Music City musicians, and be sure to catch them this Fridayat The Basement for the official hometown CD release show!

“Sorry if I’m trailing off man, I’m trying not to scare the shit out of these goats,” lead singer/guitarist Mathew Paige said over the phone, from his parents farm in Oregon. “I wanted to get out of the rain, so I’m kind of hanging out in their shed. And it’s definitelytheir shed.” (speaking to the goats)

After a good chuckle, I composed myself, and got back to the interview. I’d rapped with Matthew before, after theAcme set he and the Gypsies did for No Country Presents. Besides being hilarious, and an all around stand up dude, he mentioned that their then shelved, label-less album would be titled Handle It, and talked a little about where the name came from. For the sake of a blog post, I asked him to elaborate.

“It was just this saying that kept reemerging, again and again. It came from a club owner in Tulsa, OK. Everything was just ‘handle it,’ handle it,’ and we just kept saying it, over and over. Anytime something needed to be done, or if we had a lot shit of to do, just handle it, ya know? It’s more a way of life. Handle it, or fall down and die … I guess that would be the other option. At some point we just said that has to be an album title.”

Fair enough. I mentioned that I’d read somewhere the album was recorded at Fry Pharmacy Recording in Old Hickory, TN, and his voice lit up with excitement.

“Man, the mojo and the mood there is so great. Scott McEwen, the guy who runs it, is such a wizard of sound. He really worked with us, financially and time wise. He has a great collection of stuff too, and all his pieces are historical. His mixing board used to be in the Grand Ole Opry. He’s got these magic amps. Everything he has, has a cool story and he got it on purpose. Nothing is there by accident. It’s just a great place. The vibes, it’s like  … MAN!”

Later the same day, over a couple of pitchers of Shiner Bock at Edgefield, I caught up drummer Zack Murphy. We also talked about the record title, Tulsa’s Mercury Lounge, the club Matthew had mentioned, and it’s (now) infamous owner.

“Paul Riley!” He said with a twinkle in his eye. “He’s … honestly, you just have to meet him to really get it. If I tried to explain it, I wouldn’t be able to do a good job. He’s a character, in the best way. First time we played his club and met him, he was sitting at the bar, just handing out drinks and we are all ‘alright!’ He would text us, to see how we were doing. ‘Handle your shit!’ He’d say. It was his mantra and we adopted it.”

Shortly after they played our showcase, BFG signed with local label Plowboy Records, then it was on to SXSW, where they played a handful of packed out gigs, and now their record, which had been finished for a while, is dropping. Things seem like they are picking up speed.

“I’ve always thought (making music) was something we could do,” Zack said. “It was just a matter of how many people are going to know we’re doing it. Am I going to have to work a day job when I get back from the road? And honestly, that’s never bothered me personally. I’ll always be able to do that if I have to, but if things get bigger, and I don’t have to, hell yeah! But with being backed by (Plowboy) we’ve got a lot more power behind our punch with this new album. More people pimping our shit. Some people are always bitching about their label, but (ours) has been nothing but great to us.”

“Going to SXSW with a label was way different,” he continued. “We checked in to our hotel, got our free massages, played the Plowboy showcase, and got to pick up some other things. Whatever we needed (the label) was there. We ended up playing one showcase in a backyard with some other bands. They literally had a half-pipe set up and dudes were dropping in. There was booze and beer … it was like a movie.”

Sounds like things are definitely looking up. Decide for yourself, after you sample some of the goods below, but, most importantly, be there to see the Blackfoot Gypsies do their thing live and in person, this Friday at The Basement for their official CD release show. It should be a rowdy one, and we look forward to seeing you there. And as always, stay glued to No Country for all the news you need about the local rock scene.

Blackfoot Gypsies "Under My Skin" Video Premiere

From Brice Ezell (Popmatters) 10 April 2015

The rock ‘n’ roll of Nashville’s own Blackfoot Gypsies sound as if it emerged from brown-green swamp waters. Add a tasteful incorporation of psychedelia in and you’ve got a potent kind of rock that’s made all the more so when married to the band’s eclectic visual sense, as you can see in the video to “Under My Skin” below. Taken from the group’s forthcoming Handle It LP, “Under My Skin”‘s voodoo-centric storyline finds the members of Blackfoot Gypsies facing a bit of a difficulty during a live performance. Warning: there may or may not be chicken blood involved.

Guitarist and vocalist Matthew Paige tells PopMatters, “This video and song show that when you’re under someone’s spell, and you know you’re in their trance, you pay attention when they knock you on the side of the head, and you run when you get the chance.”



listen to the first single from handle it "Under my skin"

Nashville's Plowboy Records just announced the signing of Blackfoot Gypsies, a raw rock and roll band that joins an already eclectic label roster of Chuck Mead, Jim Ed Brown, Austin garage duo The Ghost Wolves and more. 'Handle It,' Blackfoot Gypsies' second full-length album, will be released April 14th.

The band, originally a guitar/drums duo, has grown to a quartet for 'Handle It' and drink from the same deep well as Zeppelin, The Stones & The Faces: delta blues and the foreboding ghosts of country music's past. They blast out raw, classic rock & roll all dolled up in feathers, sequin jackets, vintage bell-bottoms & cowboy boots. And their wild shows have landed them on stage with the Alabama Shakes, White Fang and more.

Founding members Matthew Paige, who "makes Keith Richards' riffs sound clean by comparison" (Creative Loafing) and drummer Zack Murphy have rounded out their sound with bassist Dylan Whitlow and Ollie Dogg on harmonica for this album. The 10 tracks showcase their "bombast of reckless experimentation" (The Downcast) with American music; "Under My Skin" bursts with bluesy psychedelia and "Spent All My Money" echoes 'Desire'-era Dylan with finger-picked guitars and violin.

'Handle It' is the latest release on the Plowboy label, formed by punk legend Cheetah Chrome, professor/music historian Don Cusic and Eddy Arnold's grandson Shannon Pollard. The Plowboy catalog includes new albums from Bobby Bare, Cheetah Chrome and many more. The label was established to promote the legacy of Eddy Arnold and to provide a home for projects that focus on American music regardless of genre.

Plowboy Records Signs "Swaggering" Rock n Rollers
Blackfoot Gypsies - "Handle It" Out 4/14